‘That’s all that matters’: Carlson says Democrats see illegal immigration as an avenue to win elections

Tucker Carlson used Wednesday’s edition of his self-titled Fox News program to accuse President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats of trying to leverage illegal immigration as a way to win elections — forever.

Carlson argued Wednesday that the Biden administration is engaging in hypocrisy on a grand scale by requiring travelers entering the country legally to get tested for COVID-19, while allowing large numbers of undocumented migrants to cross the border and be released into the country without testing them for the coronavirus.

“Illegal aliens come and go as they please,” Carlson said, according to Breitbart. “No one seems to care if they spread deadly viruses to the rest of the American population.”

“An act of violence and hostility”

Certainly, the Biden administration doesn’t care nearly as much about public health as it claims to, Carlson said, if it accepts thousands of migrants “without even bothering to check if they’ve been infected with COVID.”

“Now, given the authoritarian lockdowns the rest of us have lived under for the last year, the ones that have crushed the country, it is hard to understand this policy is anything but an act of violence and hostility toward our country,” the Fox host added, according to Breitbart.

“It is an utter betrayal,” he said. “They don’t care about you and they’re saying that as clearly as they possibly can.”

Anything for votes

So what do Democrats care about when it comes to illegal immigration?

According to Carlson, it’s all about the votes.

By flooding the country with even more illegal immigrants than the estimated 10.5 million who are reportedly already in the country, Democrats are hoping to ramp up the pressure on Washington to agree to amnesty, a proposition that would likely create tens of millions of new Democratic voters.

Indeed, if Democrats can leverage mass illegal immigration into winning elections forever, Carlson claims, it will be worth anything to them.

“[Biden] doesn’t care, none of them care” about the chaos and public health crises that could ensue, Carlson charged Wednesday, according to Breitbart.

“All they know is that the Democratic Party will never lose again once they pull this off,” he said, “and that’s all that matters to them.”

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