Tucker Carlson calls out hypocrisy of climate change fear-mongers

Some liberals seem to feel an almost spiritual connection to the theory of man-made “climate change,” but many fail miserably at practicing what they preach in terms of caring for the environment.

Tucker Carlson called out that audacious hypocrisy in a scathing segment on his self-titled Fox News program on Wednesday, specifically targeting socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for not living up to the example he demands others to meet.

They are “deeply concerned” about climate change

“For decades now, elites have told us that they are deeply, deeply concerned about climate change, much more concerned than we are because they are deeper and more thoughtful and compassionate people,” Carlson said, naming “Bernie Sanders, for example.”

Following a compilation of clips of Sanders ranting about climate change — as well as a clip of MSNBC anchor Katy Tur lamenting how “pointless” her life would be if climate change weren’t properly addressed soon — Carlson asserted that if leftist environmentalists really care about “global warming,” they should walk the walk.

“They care deeply about climate change,” Carlson said. “But if they care as deeply as they say they do, if they believe the destruction of the planet is as imminent as they say it is, why are they living the way that do?

“You just saw the tape of Bernie Sanders, he cares a lot. And yet a news story came out today that said he spent $300,000 in a single month flying on a private plane,” Carlson said, in reference to a recent Federal Elections Commission report.

Pointed questions without an answer

“How could he do that?” Carlson went on to ask. “How could any of them own second homes, if they really believe climate change is real? How are they using a car service when they could use mass transit? Why aren’t they all vegans? Why aren’t they living what they say they believe? They’re not.”

He explained: “The solutions they suggest — and this is not unrelated — are almost always going to be paid for by other people. The most regressive kinds of taxes, energy taxes, imposed on the masses… Well as the riots in Paris show, the masses aren’t into this…and why would they be?”

Carlson welcomed a climate change-obsessed Democratic socialist named Nomiki Konst to answer that series of questions, but she deftly avoided Carlson’s attempt to hold public figure demagogues accountable to their own environmentalist standards and instead shifted the fault of everything to “the industry,” in effect suggesting that individual actions to save the planet were meaningless without massive, government-compelled policy changes.

Try as he might, Carlson was unable to get Konst to agree that climate fear-mongers like Sanders and former Vice President Al Gore should abide by the standards they want to set for others and eschew flying by private jet or living in large homes or driving around in gas-guzzling SUVs.

Tucker Carlson hit the nail on the head in this segment when he called out the climate change hypocrites for not living a lifestyle that matches the level of fear about imminent climate disaster they so feverishly warn others about.

And that gets right to the heart of the matter. Were the environment truly in a state of imminent disaster, as folks like Sanders and Gore have warned, they would be setting an example for how others should live to best cope with the drastic changes.

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But instead, they continue to live their pollution-rich privileged, elitist, private jet-setting lifestyles of multiple homes and fleets of vehicles, while demanding that the rest of us drive less, heat and cool our homes less, eat less meat, and pay more in taxes to do our part.

What gives?

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