Tucker Carlson exposes Google executive’s email detailing failed effort to help Hillary win

Anyone thinking the companies that control the news circulation don’t have an agenda need only look at a recent Tucker Carlson report.

Carlson uncovered an email from a high-ranking Google executive proving the tech giant worked to manipulate the 2016 presidential election.

More Dangerous Than Russia

When Mitt Romney ran for president, Democrats mocked him for saying Russia was the primary enemy to our democracy. Little did we know the Dems were actually right.

They are feigning outrage over the alleged Russian collusion only because they are trying to hide the real danger to this country.

And they’re doing so because that danger is actually in their back pocket.

Liberal-leaning platforms like Google and Facebook are dangerous because they actually control who sees what in this country.

When they don’t like the way the news cycle is going, they change an algorithm that all but wipes out the circulation of conservative news.

Or, in Google’s case, they target specific communities in an effort to turn the outcome of the election.

The Email

Anyone who takes our freedom seriously in this country should be very concerned about the email uncovered by Carlson.

The email was issued by Eliana Murillo, the former head of Multicultural Marketing for Google.

In the email, she details a specific plan the search giant had for targeting Latino voters in key swing states to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Fortunately, the stunt backfired, and Trump got close to 30 percent of the Latino vote, thwarting both Google and Hillary Clinton.

This was not a rogue employee, but an executive who had informed other executives in the company as to what she was doing.

It is also worth noting that Google officials decided to ignore a Senate Intelligence Committee’s request for an appearance to explore election interference.

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One member of the committee, Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), stated: “I’m deeply disappointed that Google – one of the most influential digital platforms in the world – chose not to send its own top corporate leadership to engage this committee.”

As you can see, Democrats had it right — Russia is not this country’s biggest threat.

Google is.

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