Tucker Carlson eviscerates Democrats for attempt to remove Trump

Tucker Carlson has released a scathing op-ed to shred the Democrat narrative that Trump has committed a crime.

The real message Democrats are trying send to Americans, according to Carlson, is “Screw you America, and your stupid election. We’re in charge.”

The Actual Facts of the Case

While much of the case against Trump is fantasy, there are actually some facts on which they are based.

However, understanding those facts is what makes this fantasy of impeaching Trump so unrealistic and hypocritical.

Fact 1: Two women shook down Donald Trump during the presidential election for hush money regarding an alleged affair each had with Trump.

Fact 2: Michael Cohen, then Trump’s attorney, paid one of the women out of his pocket, then later requested reimbursement from Trump.

Fact 3: Trump eventually repaid Cohen out of his own pocket, NOT campaign funds.

In essence, Donald Trump was extorted and rather than deal with the negative press during a presidential campaign, he paid the women off out of his own pocket.

Lies and Hypocrisy

If that sounds familiar, all but one aspect of it is very much a regular occurrence.

This happens regularly with our elected representatives, only they have a taxpayer-funded slush fund to pay off people making allegations against them.

Mind you, when those funds were disbursed, payments were NOT made public.

Carlson goes on to make the argument that based on the language Dems are throwing around, any penny spent developing or protecting one’s image must now be considered a campaign contribution, such as new clothing or a haircut.

Dems are in essence trying to change the playbook to suit their narrative while twisting the actual facts of the case.

Sadly, with Democrats soon holding the gavel in Congress, this is all we are going to hear about for the next two years.

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Even sadder, money that could be used to lower the deficit, fund our military and its benefits, help the elderly, help the homeless, etc. will now be used to fund a bogus impeachment against Donald Trump.

Much like the Benghazi and email hearings, nothing will ever come of it other than wasting OUR money.

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