Tucker Carlson embarrasses Univision’s Jorge Ramos on migrant caravans

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos appeared with Tucker Carlson this week, claiming people like Carlson and Fox News are lying about the caravans headed to our border.

But Carlson shut him down cold when he asked Ramos how many people he was willing to take in — and the Univision host refused to answer the question.

Put Up or Shut Up

Carlson basically put Ramos in a position to put up or shut up and Ramos failed horribly. Ramos’ tone was aggressive from the start, but Tucker Carlson was having none of it.

Carlson asked how many immigrants Ramos was willing to personally sponsor in his home.

Ramos was indignant over the question, responding, “I think that’s a great question and that’s precisely the kind of question that people like you ask when you don’t want to understand that this has nothing to do with individuals.”

He went on: “It has to do with nations. And what we have to understand is that these refugees are not a threat to the United States. I know that in Fox News–”

Carlson immediately cut him off and asked him the question again, but again Ramos avoided answering. Carlson then asked him if he was donating, and Ramos stated that he wished that was something he could do — which he can, another point made by Carlson.

“People are very upset about the migrant crisis,” Carlson said. “Not upset enough to help personally but upset enough to demand that you help.”

The Bogus Narrative Continues

Everyone seems to think that if they move to the United States, their life will immediately improve. The sad fact is this is just not true. Being poor is not a reason to be granted asylum.

Look at California’s streets as an example that not everyone here is in the best of situations. Most of these immigrants are more likely to end up on the streets than they are to find the golden path of riches in this country.

The only that will change is that the American taxpayer will now be footing the bill for their benefits. As we have stated hundreds of times, nobody in this country is against immigration as long as it is legal.

Stand in line, wait your turn, and you are more than welcome. Attack our borders, however, and we will fight you off just as we would an invasion from any other country.

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