Tucker Carlson rips House Dems for calling ‘irrelevant’ John Dean to testify

On Monday, the Democratic-led House Judiciary Committee heard testimony from one of the most infamous characters of the Watergate scandal, former Nixon White House counsel John Dean, who played a key role in the ensuing cover-up and was ultimately convicted and even incarcerated for lying and obstructing justice.

Dean was ostensibly summoned out of retirement to speak about the Mueller report and President Donald Trump, but Fox News host Tucker Carlson used his Tuesday monologue to question the relevance of anything said by someone as notorious as Dean, who he views as little more than a “living answer to a trivia question.”

Dean’s liberal rehabilitation

Carlson briefly summarized how Dean initially achieved his infamy and wondered why Dean was called to testify about Mueller and Trump, given he had absolutely no connections or real relevance to either of them whatsoever, nor has he worked in Washington for any of the past eight presidential administrations.

The real reason for Dean’s appearance before Congress — in Carlson’s opinion supported by clips of Dean on TV — was simply the fact that Dean is now a paid CNN contributor who has refurbished his tarnished name among liberals by incessantly bashing President Trump and painting the now-debunked Russian collusion narrative as “worse than Watergate” and “Nixon on steroids,” which is precisely the sort of thing that House Democrats want to hear as they creep ever closer toward launching impeachment proceedings.

“‘Nixon on steroids.’ To a certain kind of dim-witted baby boomer, this kind of thing is totally irresistible. Reese’s Peanut Buttercup pizza,” Carlson said.

Strangely CNN-like

Carlson noted that even Dean himself admitted in his testimony that he was “not a fact-witness” and had no relevant information about Mueller’s report or Trump — yet he was nevertheless certain that Trump was evil and worse than Nixon, or something.

The Fox host also pointed out that Democrats called other alleged “experts” to testify who were in reality little more than cable news legal analysts these days who also had nebulous, if any, connection or relevance to Mueller or Trump, but who similarly were convinced nonetheless that Trump had committed crimes and needed to be removed from office posthaste.

“It went on like this all day long on Monday, in case you missed it. There was no real discussion of Robert Mueller’s findings. Instead, for a few hours, C-SPAN looked like a CNN panel as people in makeup thundered for impeachment,” Carlson said.

Fearing Barr

While that may have been fine and good for the impeachment-obsessed Democrats, Carlson surmised that in actuality it “was an indication of how weak pro-impeachment forces really are. Despite all the investigations and all the ranting you see on cable news, House Democrats still don’t have the votes to impeach Donald Trump.”

Carlson pointed to another, perhaps less obvious reason for Democrats to resort to calling in a convicted liar like Dean to testify — fear. Their anxiety likely centers on what Attorney General William Barr may soon discover and publicly reveal with regard to the prior Obama administration’s spying on Trump’s campaign and subsequent transition period in 2016-2017.

“Democrats know that Barr’s findings could be horrifying, embarrassing, maybe even devastating. They could help President Trump get reelected,” Carlson said. “So, if you’re on the left right now, it’s a good idea to muddy the waters. If it takes calling John Dean out of retirement, then it’s well worth it.”

That right there is probably the real reason Dean was dragged out of obscurity to testify about things he is only tangentially related to, at best. Democrats know that the jig is probably up for them in the near future, depending upon what Barr decides to publicly expose, so the only chance Democrats have left — slim and far-fetched as it may be — is to try and spur along the effort to impeach or force a resignation from Trump, a rather unlikely scenario at this point in time.

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