Tucker Carlson: China is mocking America’s ‘self-hating’ liberals

Given China’s perpetual ambition to become the most powerful nation on Earth, perhaps no one does a better job of warning America about the communist nation than Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

According to the Daily Caller, Carlson made his large audience aware of a term, “baizuo,” that China’s state media uses to describe the new and growing “self-hating” class of liberals in the United States and warned that China is capitalizing on this reality. 

“White liberal”

In a recent segment on his eponymous Fox program, Carlson explained how China is beginning to reshape its approach to relations with the United States now that the markedly weaker President Joe Biden is in charge.

“The Chinese know our leaders very well. In fact, they have a name for our self-hating class. They call them ‘baizuo’ — the rough translation of the mandarin is ‘white liberal’ and it is definitely not a compliment,” Carlson said.

The Fox News host pointed out that America’s “baizuo” are those who typically look the other way with concern to real-world issues that could have drastic effects on the country and instead, focus on issues like LGBT rights, social justice, immigration and climate change.

Carlson noted that these same people “only advocate for peace and equality to satisfy their own feelings of moral superiority and who are so obsessed with political correctness that they tolerate backward Islamic values for the sake of multiculturalism.”

The primetime host’s remarks came on the heels of a heated exchange between Chinese and American officials during a recent meeting in Alaska — a meeting The New York Times described as a demonstration of the “distrust and disagreements” between the two countries that “will shape the global landscape for years to come.”

Weaponizing Black Lives Matter

Carlson also pointed to explosive statements made by top diplomat Yang Jiechi during the meeting, in which he slammed the United States for critiquing China’s handling of humanitarian issues, saying that U.S. policy allows the “slaughtering” of Black Americans.

That criticism from Jiechi came after the United States harshly criticized the communist nation for its treatment and persecution of Uighur Muslims.

“So there you have the Chinese government using Black Lives Matter as a weapon against the United States,” Carlson said. “You have the Chinese lecturing us about human rights. You never thought you would see the day that happened. But the amazing thing is in 2021, it works.”

Carlson concluded the segment by reminding his viewers that “China isn’t stupid” and that it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the country continues to weaponize the new, woke “baizuo” class of Americans who are destroying their country in exchange for political correctness and virtue signaling.

Only time will tell if China is able to finally get the upper hand on the United States, but without Donald Trump at the helm, it’s certainly a more realistic possibility than it was during the past four years.

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