Tucker Carlson calls out DNC, NBC News for bullying reporter

A series of tweets by NBC reporter Yashar Ali went largely unnoticed this week — until Tucker Carlson put them in the national spotlight.

In a Twitter thread, Ali said the Democratic National Committee (DNC), alongside top editors at NBC News, tried to derail a breaking story he was working on. Now, Tucker Carlson has called them out on it.

Stopping the Story

The big “scoop” Ali had was the dates of the first Democratic primary debates ahead of the 2020 election.

Ali even admitted that it was not a massive scoop, but since he was the first to have the information, it was definitely worth it for him to get his story out first.

But when he called the DNC to verify the facts, they urged him not to run the story until later. When he refused to comply, he got a call from NBC News Managing Editor Dafna Linzer, who also told him to kill the story.

Initially, Ali thought Linzer was trying to protect her network and allow NBC to get the story out first — but that was not the case.

The story was being killed by the DNC, who did not want the debate information going public before it had a chance to get all its ducks lined up.

In his Twitter thread, Ali accused of Linzer of trying to “bully [him] on behalf of the DNC,” and decided to publicize the encounter for fear that “this incident is going to be twisted by some with an agenda to discredit the media and say they collude with political parties.”

Missing the Point

But this incident doesn’t have to be twisted in the slightest to prove how closely Democrats are tied to the media.

Indeed, the DNC clearly used its influence to manipulate the management of a major media outlet, who in turn, sought to do the same to an independent reporter.

If the Democrats are this upset about a minor story like this, what are they doing to the mainstream networks over stories that are damaging to the party?

That’s the question that was left in Americans’ minds after Carlson shared Ali’s story on his Fox News show last week.

“These are not journalists. These are faithful servants of the Democratic Party,” Carlson said. “It might be easier if they just admitted it. We all know it.”

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