‘I’m infuriated by the lying’: Carlson blasts Biden admin over portrayal of infrastructure plan

Following the passage of a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill without the support of Republicans, President Joe Biden is now focused on an even larger infrastructure-related spending proposal.

While the GOP has already expressed opposition to a number of measures included in the behemoth plan, the primary concern hinges on the fact that much of the bill is unrelated to legitimate infrastructure projects, as Fox News Chanel personality Tucker Carlson explained this week.

“Call me literal”

According to Fox, Carlson told viewers that he was “infuriated” over the proposal’s misrepresentation by Democrats and many in the mainstream media, not to mention the inevitable inflation he said the expensive plan to bring to the economy.

His remarks on the topic came during a segment of America’s Newsroom on Friday morning when he reiterated many of the concerns he had previously raised on his own program.

Host Bill Hemmer noted that experts have estimated only about five or six percent of the bill’s total expenditures would fund “traditional” infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, and airports.

“There are a couple of levels,” Carlson said in response. “One, call me literal, I’m infuriated by the lying. Our roads and bridges and airports and train stations are a disgrace. They don’t befit a great nation like ours. We should rebuild them. I don’t think anyone is against that.”

Nevertheless, the Biden administration’s proposal “is not an infrastructure bill,” Carlson claimed, describing it as “a green energy, Green New Deal, and reparations bill” that “calls for tearing down a highway because the highway is racist.”

“We can’t afford not to”

According to Fox, Carlson also urged the president to be honest with the American people, insisting: “If you want a reparations bill, if you want a Green New Deal, just say so, and let’s have the debate, but don’t call it an infrastructure bill because it’s not.”

A secondary issue he raised was the potential that the bill would “actually destroy the economy for good by spending money that we print from the Federal Reserve.”

Arguing that hyperinflation is already taking hold in the nation’s economy, the Fox host said that it “makes it much harder for the average person to live in this country, to afford to eat, or live somewhere.”

The Tucker Carlson Tonight anchor said that “modern monetary policy” is unsustainable in the long term. Many Americans concerned about fiscal matters are sure to find his anger both righteous and justifiable, but Biden continues to portray his massive plan as ultimately beneficial for all Americans.

“These are investments we have to make,” the president said, according to CNBC. “We can afford to make them. To put it another way — we can’t afford not to.”

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