Tucker Carlson wants the federal government to ban kids from using iPhones

Tucker Carlson thinks it is time to resort to extreme measures to protect children from technology.

Carlson said on his Fox News program recently that the federal government should put age restrictions on the use of smartphones, like Apple iPhones.

“Smartphone use makes your kids sadder, slower, and more isolated, and over time, can kill them,” he said.

Parents Need Help

Look around these days, and virtually every child in the country is attached to a smartphone or tablet.

In some cases, they are being put into the hands of children before they can even walk.

According to Carlson, this has caused a generation of children to be unable to interact socially with one another.

Moreover, trying to take devices away from children always seems to cause a scene. Many parents prefer to avoid it and just let their child waste hour after hour on the device.

Carlson believes that if the parents cannot regulate smartphone usage on their it on their own, there should be regulations similar to ones imposed on the tobacco industry that ban children from possessing the devices.

“Here’s an idea: Ban smartphone use for children,” Carlson said. “Pass a federal law tomorrow. Why wouldn’t we do that?”

Hurting the Children

Liberals will no doubt call this some far-right-wing rhetoric, but Carlson’s comments are rooted in fact.

“A 2016 study found that quitting Facebook boosted psychological health,” Carlson reported. “Last fall, a study in the Journal of Science and Clinical Psychology found that social media use is directly tied to feelings of loneliness and depression, which can lead to life-threatening psychiatric disorders.”

When you look around at society today, it is hard to argue with these findings. Add cyberbullying to the mix, and it is a recipe for disaster.

It seems actual friends have been replaced by Facebook friends, and the most important thing for many of these kids is creating a post that will go viral. Isn’t that a shame?

It may sound extreme to some, but Carlson makes some very valid points parents need to seriously consider.

While it is unlikely the government will go that far, there is nothing stopping parents from taking away their kids’ devices and making them go outside for real play with real children. What would be the harm in that?

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