Carjacking suspect shot dead at Walmart by armed citizen

Good guy with a gun stops crime… it’s a headline you will rarely see on most liberal media outlets.

However, that is exactly what happened in Tumwater, Washington, when two armed citizens stopped a carjacking.

Not So Fast

According to local police, violent carjackings were taking place around the city.

When that same carjacker tried to get yet another car at a Walmart parking lot in Tumwater, armed citizens came to the rescue.

The citizens opened fire on the carjacker, with one of them striking the carjacker and killing him.

And before anyone says the crime does not fit the punishment, consider the trail the carjacker left behind.

In previous thefts, the carjacker left an injured adult as well as an injured 16-year-old girl behind.

This was someone that was obviously not concerned about the welfare of others as long as he was able to get that car.

Helping Police

The incident itself read like something out of a movie.

The man was apparently being chased by police when he entered the Walmart parking lot.

He exited one stolen vehicle, then, according to witnesses, entered the store and fired shots at a display case.

The suspect then exited the store and tried to steal a second car.

The owner of that car, one of the armed citizens, was exiting the store when he saw the man trying to steal his vehicle.

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Local publications reported nobody inside the store was hurt.

The adult injured in the incident was reportedly airlifted to a local hospital with no further reports as to his or her condition.

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