Cardinal Wuerl announces resignation after allegations surface

The fallout from the latest allegations against the Catholic Church has reached Washington.

On Tuesday, Cardinal Donald Wuerl announced he is resigning from his archdiocese post.


Over the last month or so, some rather disturbing allegations have come to light.

For decades, we have known about priests abusing young boys, but this goes so much deeper.

As many suspected, the Catholic Church was implicit in covering up many of these scandals by transferring priests out of their parishes.

Among those mentioned in the most recent allegations was Cardinal Wuerl.

He has been accused of approving transfers for abusive priests rather than defrocking them.

He is also accused of hiding information relevant to investigations from law enforcement.


A school in Pittsburgh has already decided to remove Wuerl’s name from a local high school.

An additional petition had been put forward in D.C. for Wuerl to be removed.

It has been reported more than 80,000 people signed the petition for his removal.

The petition was tied to the allegations made against Wuerl when he was serving in Pittsburgh.

According to the petition, while he was a bishop, Wuerl was paying members of the clergy to lie.

Vigano Accusations

Another bombshell hit the Catholic Church this week when Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò issued an 11-page letter describing various abuses committed.

It was a damning portrayal of not only the church, but also Pope Francis.

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Wuerl’s name was also mentioned in that document.

The city that is surrounded by a wall and that has avoided common laws for centuries is now crumbling at its very foundation.

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