Rapper Cardi B tells haters to ‘cut your veins’

One of Hillary Clinton’s liberal entertainer buddies is getting ripped on social media for suggesting her trolls should kill themselves.

Rapper Cardi B and fellow artist Nicki Minaj — and their fans — have been engaged in a very public feud for months. Apparently infuriated by Minaj fans who were razzing her younger sister onlineCardi B lost it, telling them to “Throw yourself off a [email protected]@ balcony.”

Sticking with the suicide theme, she also said on Instagram Live, “You need to cut your $#@! veins. You people need help.”

Funny, Cardi B tells people they need help, yet she is the one publishing dark threats against the very people she is criticizing.

The Backlash

It did not take long for social media to react after Cardi B sent out her horrific message.

Dozens of followers immediately called her out for her comments.

Twitter user @LOSINGGRlP said, “Cardi B encouraging suicide and self harm… disgusting behaviour from someone with such a large sphere of influence”

Twitte user @korrinator wrote, “does it matter if they were being serious or not? like truly? jokes still hurt people. every day. it takes one suicide “joke” to push somebody over the edge. cardi has a huge following, u don’t think anybody’s gonna hear that and think “ya know what? maybe i should””

Ties to Hillary

When Michael Wolff’s tell-all book “Fire and Fury” came out, liberals jumped all over it to razz the President.

James Corden from The Late Late Show did a skit auditioning high-profile liberals for the spoken word version of the book.

Cardi B was one of the celebrities, slamming the president over his eating habits as described in the book.

“I can’t believe this. I can’t believe that he really – this is how he lives his life,” Cardi B asked.

In addition to Cardi B, Hillary Clinton was one of the “readers.”

Cardon actually chose her as the winner for the job in the skit.

The fact Cardi B made comments such as this is bad enough, but it is worse yet her liberal buddies, such as Clinton, have not come out to condemn these types of comments.

Rather than do the right thing, Hillary and other Democrats continue to buddy up with these delusional celebrities as though their spoken word is gospel.

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All the while, out of the other side of their mouths, they are trying to tell us all we need to unite, and conservatives are the ones preventing that from happening.

It is hypocritical, to say the least.

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