Rep. Tony Cardenas accused of child sex abuse

There is truly something wrong with Democrats in power when it comes to abusing women.

Democrat Rep. Tony Cardenas has been accused of molesting a teenage girl in 2007.

The Allegation

According to the report, the young lady in question came forward due to the momentum created by the #MeToo movement.

The alleged victim is now married and has a daughter of her own.

She wanted to come forward about the alleged assault so she can a be role model for her daughter.

The Denial

As expected, Cardenas has come forward to deny the allegations.

Rep. Cardenas attorney stated, “My client is sickened and distraught by these horrific allegations, which are 100%, categorically untrue.”

The attorney then went on the attack against the alleged victim.

They are claiming the woman who is making the allegations is a daughter of a former employee with an axe to grind.

Cardenas is claiming this woman “may be the victim of manipulation.”

The woman is believed to be related to a man that was once trying to land a job with former Los Angeles City Councilman Richard Alarcon.

Alarcon stated the man was a former employee of Cardenas and would trade the information he had on Cardenas for a staff position with Alarcon (at the time was planning to run against Cardenas for the congressional seat).

While the man did not divulge the nature of the negative information at the time, Alarcon believes this could be the father of the woman now making those allegations.

Falling Star

Not so long ago, Cardenas name was popping up on lists for the future of the party.

These allegations have created quite the panic within the party.

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Reports stated several high-ranking members of the party have already reached out to Cardenas to hear his side of the story.

If the allegations are found to be true, it will be another huge hit for the Democrat party and severely damage the next generation of hopefuls for Democrats.

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