Capitol police meet with ‘squad’ about extra protection

Democrats love to make mountains out of molehills, and that is exactly what they are doing here.

After chants of “send her home” erupted at a Trump rally, Democrats called in the Capitol police to discuss protection for members of the progressive “squad,” including Rep. Ilhan Omar.

The Drama Continues

This is an orchestrated move by Democrats to make it appear as though Trump is encouraging violence against the likes of Ilhan Omar.

It all got started when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused Donald Trump of sending out “racist” tweets against members of the “squad.”

Anyone that reads Trump’s tweets, however, can clearly see this is a bogus narrative. Matters escalated considerably after a Trump rally crowd started to chant “Send her home!” In the eyes of Democrats, that was a threat to Ilhan Omar.

Deeming it so, the party requested Capitol Police intervene and provide additional security for the members of the “squad” out of fear of attacks from Trump supporters.

The fact of the matter, however, is that threats against these specific lawmakers have not risen and are actually relatively low compared to some of their colleagues, Fox News reported.

Not Out of the Norm

Not to belittle any threat to a lawmaker, but these threats happen all the time and have for decades.

As long as there are radicals and extremists, politicians and public figures will receive threats. Just ask President Trump.

However, most of the threats are nothing more than pranks and are not even investigated by the police.

No sane American wants to see any of the “squad” hurt or threatened.

Instead, we would like to see them exposed and voted out of office.

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