Two candidates backed by George Soros lose midterm election campaigns

Has George Soros’ influence in this country finally started to wane?

After two major candidates who were backed by his donor network lost in Tuesday’s midterms, the liberal billionaire was left to lick his wounds.

Wallace misses his chance

One of the bigger stories of this election season was the Scott Wallace’s loss in his House race in Pennsylvania.

Wallace comes from bigtime family money, having inherited a family business that was eventually sold for $10 billion.

He also happens to be a partner in the Democracy Alliance.

Altogether, the group dropped $500 million over the last decade to progressive organizations.

Wallace also runs the Wallace Global Fund, which has also donated about $150 million to very far left-wing groups in recent years.

Big money

These were facts that were not lost on voters, as this constantly plagued Wallace during the election.

It was such a problem that, all things considered, very little of Wallace’s campaign came from donors.

Wallace was forced to open his wallet and dump millions of his own money into the campaign to keep it relevant.

Even with his own money, as well as a healthy donation from George Soros’ son, Wallace was unable to beat Republican candidate Brian Fitzpatrick.

When the votes were tallied, Wallace lost by 2.6 percent, or a little more than 8,000 votes.

Even the former governor of the state, Ed Rendell, still a very respected Democrat in the state, called Wallace a “flawed” candidate.

He was no doubt referring to a recording that was discovered of Wallace stating that “dogs are smarter than police officers.”

(That’s not exactly the way to get law enforcement behind you.)

Abrams falls to Kemp

The second candidate backed by Soros was Stacey Abrams.

She was a gubernatorial candidate in Georgia who was involved in one of the closest races of the election season.

But while Abrams has lost to Republican Brian Kemp, she has refused to concede the race.

There have been more than a few Democrats speculating that Republicans pulled a fast one to avoid getting this very controversial candidate in office.

Recently, Abrams headlined a Democracy Alliance event touting free college, Medicare for all, and reparations for African-Americans.

Obviously, those issues did not sit well with conservatives, yet she still managed to come within 63,000 votes of winning the election.

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But even with Soros’ money, that wasn’t enough to win over Georgia voters.

Soros’ influence may be dwindling.

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