Rep. Eric Swalwell calls for AG William Barr’s resignation

The press conference held by Attorney General William Barr before he released a redacted version of Robert Mueller’s report to the public has hit a nerve with Democrats.

So much so, in fact, that Rep. Eric Swalwell (CA) has demanded the AG’s resignation.

Serving the President

Swalwell, like all Democrats, is upset that Mueller did not find collusion.

That fact alone makes him look bad, because he has been pitching conspiracy theories about collusion for the better part of two years.

To that end, Swalwell is now doing everything he can to slander the attorney general. After all, Barr and Mueller made him look bad first!

Indeed, even though the position is appointed by the president, the attorney general does not serve for the president — but Democrats are accusing Barr of doing exactly that simply because he made a ruling favorable to Trump.

“You can be attorney general of the United States and represent all of us, or you can represent Donald Trump,” Swalwell said. “You can’t do both.”

The congressman went on to call on Barr to step down: “Because Attorney General Barr wants to represent Donald Trump, I think he should resign,” Swalwell said.

Dems Reeling

Democrats are trying to figure a way to turn this news cycle into another negative one for the White House, because the fact that Mueller found no collusion was beyond damaging for their party.

Some top Dems has been saying there was definitive evidence of collusion since Trump took office. Now, they all have to explain why they were lying to the American people for so long.

Barr did his job — contrary to what people like Swalwell are saying.

Had Barr stated that he thought there was obstruction, Democrats would be building a temple to him right now. Instead, because he made an educated decision after looking at all the facts, Democrats want him out.

It is people like Swalwell and Adam Schiff who should be resigning — not Barr.

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