Calls to indict John Brennan grow louder after security leak

John Brennan may have sunk his own ship in his efforts to make Donald Trump look bad.

During a recent interview, Brennan slipped up about an intelligence source in the Russian government, and now Trump supporters want him indicted for it.

Declassifying Intelligence Papers

The big news last week was President Trump giving Attorney General Bill Barr permission to declassify the intelligence documents related to the Russia probe.

Now, nobody expects Barr to just release these documents without giving them a thorough once-over to ensure information putting sources at risk is redacted.

When news broke about it, Brennan loudly protested the move, calling Trump both outrageous and politically motivated. Brennan shot himself in the foot in his headlong rush to smear Trump.

Brennan revealed publicly that the United States has an intelligence source close to Vladimir Putin.

The Year of the Spy

Spy buffs will remember Aldrich Ames and how damaging he was to our efforts against the Soviet Union at the time.

Ames was convicted in 1994 for espionage, but that did not happen before he did severe damage to US efforts against Russia.

The information provided to the Russians by Ames cost more than two dozen agents their lives. The Russians did not send the spies they caught to prison.

The lined them up on a wall and shot them.

There are now fears that with Brennan’s slip of the tongue, he may have spurred a hunting spree within the Russian government to find the spies to which Brennan referenced.

Regardless of whether or not that individual or individuals are discovered by the Russians, Brennan is clearly guilty of possibly exposing them and should be held accountable for his actions.

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