Fox responds to calls by Dems to cancel Laura Ingraham’s show

Last week, Fox News personality Laura Ingraham sent Dems into a fury over a graphic featuring a known white supremacist.

Still, Fox News has thrown its full support behind Ingraham, calling the insinuations that she was openly supporting a white supremacist “obscene.”

What Really Happened

Ingraham was addressing the issue of free speech with guest Candance Owens.

During the discussion, Ingraham put up a graphic that included both Owens and Nehlen, among other prominent voices.

Ingraham never stuck up for Nehlen or even mentioned him as she was speaking. However, simply because his name was on the graphic, many Dems immediately took up arms against Ingraham.

Now, while Ingraham may not support Nehlen, the fact is that he is a prominent voice in his community. It is a community Ingraham finds despicable, but he is still a prominent voice.


Everyone is wondering why Ingraham would even include someone like that on her graphic. The answer, though, is a simple one. Nehlen’s ideology does not match up with the current state of political correctness dictated by the left.

The point of the subject was that Facebook was censoring individuals saying anything other than what Dems are preaching. Nehlen’s message is not a conservative message, nor is it a liberal one, so he is being censored.

Had Ingraham put Louis Farrakhan on her graphic, nobody would have said a word, yet they are outraged by Nehlen.

Liberals and Dems need to give it a rest, because you can support someone’s right to freedom of speech without actually supporting the message they are sending out.

Look how many soldiers supported Colin Kaepernick kneeling for the anthem. They did not like what he was doing, but they still fought for him to have that right.

This is the same scenario. The outrage only exists because it is a conservative voice making the point.

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