Obama-linked non-profit calls on FCC to silence Trump

A non-profit group that has been previously linked to President Barack Obama is looking to silence our current president.

President Donald Trump has been targeted by progressive non-profit Free Press, which claims the “dangerous lies” in his daily coronavirus briefings warrant a Federal Communications Commission-sanctioned media blackout.

The group has petitioned the FCC to either stop broadcasting the daily coronavirus update or to immediately fact check every word the president says in real-time.

Liberal pressure

The White House coronavirus task force’s daily pressers have become very controversial as of late. As soon as Trump started to promote hydroxychloroquine as a potential COVID-19 therapy, the left side of the aisle started to freak out.

This is a drug previously developed to fight malaria that some doctors have used throughout the country against coronavirus with some success. Trump has repeatedly stated that he likes what he sees so far, but that it may or may not work.

That, somehow, has been interpreted by liberals as Trump prescribing the drug to every single American without discrimination, and the legitimacy of his daily pressers has been under attack by the mainstream media ever since.

In their petition, the Free Press stated, “When the president tells dangerous lies about a public health emergency, broadcasters have a choice: Don’t air them, or put those lies in context with disclaimers noting that they may be untrue and are unverified.”

“And certainly the FCC has a duty to rein in radio broadcasters that seed confusion with lies and disinformation. . . We recommend that television disclosures appear in writing in the lower third and orally, and that radio broadcasters correct misinformation about COVID-19 in oral reporting after press conferences and immediately following other instances when false information airs.”

Free Press and Obama

These attacks are not some random left-wing group but rather an organization that is regularly cited by Democrats. During the net neutrality fight when Obama was in office, Democrats cited this organization dozens of times.

Democrats have also used Free Press as an expert, calling the group to testify before Congress on many different occasions. The group also receives funding from well-known Obama supporter and liberal billionaire George Soros (through his Open Society Foundation).

This is just another blatant attack by a far-left group to try to make it appear as though Trump is doing something wrong when he is not, but this time it is being done at the expense of keeping Americans uninformed.

Fortunately, the FCC saw right through the blatantly partisan petition, saying in its rejection statement that “the Petition is a brazen attempt to pressure broadcasters to squelch their coverage of a President that Free Press dislikes and silence other commentators with whom Free Press disagrees.”

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