California to send out ‘inflation relief checks’ ahead of midterm elections

Breitbart News reports that the state of California is planning to send out what officials are referring to as “inflation relief checks” just ahead of the midterm elections. 

It’s as if California Democrats, led by Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), are trying to buy some votes.


Initially, the plan was to hand out rebates in order to help California residents to better afford gasoline, which, with the economic and energy crises, is staggeringly priced. California continues to have some of the very highest gas prices in the country, coming in at well over $5 per gallon.

That initial plan, though, fell through. And, instead of a gas rebate, Newsom and California Democrats came up with these “inflation relief checks.” As the name would suggest, the idea is essentially to hand out money in order to relieve California residents from the crippling inflation that residents have been experiencing. It sounds nice, but many economic experts believe that all such checks will do is exacerbate the inflation problem.

Nevertheless, Newsom and California Democrats are moving forward with their plan.

It’s all about the timing

To be eligible to receive one of these inflation relief checks, one must have completed a 2020 California tax return and one must have made $250,000 or less if filing as a single individual or $500,000 or less if filing as a joint couple.

Exactly how much money a qualified person will receive depends on how much he or she makes. For example, single filers who made less than $75,000 during the 2020 to 2021 tax year will receive a $350 check. Altogether, the plan is expected to cost the state of California $9.5 billion.

Something that cannot be overlooked here is the timing of all of this. The checks are scheduled to start going out in October, just before election day, an election day during which Newsom will be up for reelection.

Coincidence or not?

It’s not the first time

Newsom has a bit of a history of handing out money ahead of his own elections.

The reader may remember that Newsom handed out stimulus checks to most California residents back in 2021 when he was facing a recall election.

It would be interesting to hear Newsom and other California Democrats explain how this doesn’t just amount to buying votes because, from the outside looking in, that’s certainly what it looks like.

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