California Supreme Court rules unanimously that sex offenders can be eligible for early parole

The Supreme Court of California just announced a decision that will allow thousands of inmates convicted of non-violent sex crimes to be considered for early parole.

The court’s unanimous ruling upholds a 2016 ballot proposal, Proposition 57, written by former California governor Jerry Brown (D), which forced the state to expand early parole aggressively.

Brown had insisted that sex offenders would not be included, but the court ruled that the proposition’s wording means the state cannot exclude sex offenders from consideration.

“The initiative’s language provides no indication that the voters intended to allow the [Corrections] Department to create a wholesale exclusion from parole consideration based on an inmate’s sex offense convictions when the inmate was convicted of a nonviolent felony,” Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye wrote in the courts 7-0 decision.

This decision by California’s Supreme Court vindicates the warnings from Prop 57’s opponents, who said the proposal was “so sloppily and poorly drafted” that it would cause incalculable damage to public safety.

The fruits of progressivism

California has become so progressive that they have decided sex offenders who have been convicted of crimes like incest and possession of child pornography deserve early parole.

Sadly, Californians who are outraged by this news need to understand that they are the ones responsible for this shocking decision. Proposition 57 was passed by California voters and drafted by Democrats that California voters elected.

When sex offenders and other criminals are released early from California prisons, California residents have no one but themselves to blame. This situation will certainly be worth keeping an eye on over the next year.

California exodus

Meanwhile, California is slated to lose a seat in the House of Representatives alongside a corresponding electoral vote due to population loss.

Thanks to absurd policies like Proposition 57, Californians and businesses have been fleeing the state in droves. A cratering economy, increasingly arduous regulations on business, and deteriorating public safety has left many with little reason to stay in the Golden State.

This pattern will only continue if those who remain vote for the same people who continually work to destroy the state.

Democrats have been in power for years, and unless the voters are willing to hold them accountable, nothing will change.

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