California reparations activists demand state discriminate based on race

May 12, 2023
World Net Daily

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A California board assigned to promote "reparations" to blacks in the state, over slavery that ended a century ago and other issues, is demanding that the state start discriminating based on race.

One of the proposals from the state "Reparations Task Force," appointed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, is to repeal a state constitutional provision that disallows discrimination based on race.

That was accomplished by a voter-approved Proposition 209, adopted by the state in 1996 that banned "preferential treatment" for minority groups in the process of seeking admission to colleges and the awarding of government jobs.

The activists are demanding the repeal so that blacks would, in fact, be given preferential treatment – at the expense of whites.

The panel, appointed in 2020 to look at the idea of compensating people today for what happened a century ago, offered recommendations that were accepted recently and now will go to the state legislature.

One of the other ideas is a plan to hand out cash amounts of $1.2 million to blacks – at a cost of $800 billion to taxpayers in the state. Newsom has declined to push that component of the plan.

A report from the Daily Mail pointed out that "buried deep in the committee's report" is the recommendation to set up a program of anti-white discrimination in the state.

The task force said, "In recognition of the systemic discrimination faced by the African American community and the barriers to justice and repair imposed by Proposition 209, the task force recommends that the legislature take steps within its authority to seek the repeal [of] Proposition 209."

The task force members charged that the state constitution, amended specifically to exclude racism, now includes measures "rooted in racism."

The task force claimed that black applicants have declined at every campus affected by the non-discrimination requirement of 209, even though UCLA law professor Richard Sander told Fox News that since Proposition 209 went on the books, "the number of black graduates at the University of California has risen by 70 percent with the number of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics grads more than doubling."

The task force charges that issues such as over-policing, mass incarcerations, and redlining hurt black communities.

So far, there's been no discussion of where such massive piles of cash, that the task force wants handed out, would come from.

The committee also is demanding the state to issue a public apology for its legacy of slavery and discriminatory policies even though it was a "free" state when it entered the union.

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