California governor orders bars to close amid rise in COVID-19 cases

A recent rise in positive COVID-19 cases has politicians across the country starting to hit the panic button once more.

Like clockwork, California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) has just ordered all bars in Los Angeles County to shut down due to concerns over a rapid increase in infections seen in recent days, according to Breitbart.

California sees COVID-19 spike

California is one of dozens of states that is starting to see a significant rise in COVID-19 cases, and a number of factors are suspected to have contributed to that fact.

The protests that followed the death of George Floyd more than a month ago put thousands of people in close proximity to one another, and infections stemming from that exposure may now be starting to emerge.

Furthermore, far too many Americans have abandoned social distancing protocols, as evidenced by packed bars, restaurants, and parties in every corner of the nation, and the economic reopening itself was bound to produce an uptick in cases, simply due to increased interactions happening on a daily basis.

Numerous factors at work

Case spikes in states such as Texas and Florida are being blamed on a push to reopen prematurely, even though both states were also the sites of substantial social justice protests in recent weeks.

California’s situation is different, however, because the state was on lockdown very early on in the pandemic and only began reopening at a hesitant and deliberate pace.

While California was slow to reopen its economy even when other states were moving forward, sizable social justice demonstrations did take place in recent weeks, and social distancing recommendations largely went out the window.

It is also important to remember that with greater numbers of Americans now being tested for COVID-19, growth in the number of positive results is inevitable and is not necessarily indicative of a new or worsening crisis.

Proceed with caution

If another round of lockdowns takes hold across the nation, countless businesses will face a truly existential threat, particularly within the hospitality industry that was already on the ropes from the last wave.

Shutting the doors on commerce once more is almost certain to force the permanent closure of a devastating number of businesses and the job losses that necessarily entails.

While safeguarding public health is unquestionably important, it behooves America’s leaders — including Gov. Newsom — to tread very carefully in the coming days when it comes to locking things down all over again.

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