California not finding success in getting rid of crisis pregnancy centers

May 30, 2023
Jen Krausz

The Los Angeles Times reported on Sunday that the state of California was finding itself unable to get rid of crisis pregnancy centers in the state, despite numerous efforts to pass laws restricting and outlawing them.

The state has an estimated 165 of the centers, which typically offer ultrasounds and pregnancy counseling aimed at discouraging women from having abortions.

Since California is a very pro-abortion state, pro-life donors have concentrated their efforts there and have provided the funds for these centers to be operated as a way to mitigate the damage done.

Two recent bills stalled out in the state legislature without being voted on, and the Supreme Court on May 23 blocked a requirement that would have forced the clinics to let their clients know that the state might pay for their abortion.

"Misleading" information?

Back in 2018, another law requiring the clinics to post information about where women can get abortions was struck down as well.

Of course, the Times wrote from a viewpoint favorable to abortion and spent a lot of the post talking about how much the clinics lie and mislead people, while completely ignoring the pro-abortion side's lies.

The clinics mention abortion options even though they don't perform abortions, which pro-abortion supporters see as misleading.

There's no link between abortion and depression, they claim, as if no one who has an abortion procedure ever feels bad about it or regrets what they've done.

More lies

The article cited one pregnant woman who said she felt "shamed" at a crisis pregnancy center because she wanted to have an abortion. She later miscarried before seeking out an abortion.

The pregnancy centers want women to look at their unborn children on the ultrasound, hear their heartbeats, and realize that they are carrying a living, breathing child inside of them.

That's the last thing Planned Parenthood wants, and so it lies about the unborn child being a lifeless "blob of tissue" even though science clearly shows otherwise.

Some abortion providers are every bit as pushy for women to destroy life as crisis pregnancy centers are to save it, but somehow the pro-abortion side thinks that's fine.

Saving life

Let's err on the side of saving and valuing life, rather than destroying it at every opportunity and through misleading information.

Another thing crisis pregnancy centers do well is post-abortion counseling to lead women who might regret their abortions toward forgiving themselves and experiencing forgiveness from God, something that Planned Parenthood could never do because they won't admit regret ever even happens.

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