California man faces charges after voting on behalf of his dead mother – three times

President Donald Trump has warned that voter fraud could taint the results of the 2020 elections — and the latest news out of California only confirms his concerns.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a man from Norwalk, California is facing charges of voter fraud for casting ballots on behalf of his dead mother on three different occasions.

It’s true

The security of the 2020 election has been a source of contention in recent months as President Trump ramps up warnings that widespread vote-by-mail, which is being encouraged by Democrats amid the COVID-19 pandemic, could cause widespread voter fraud. (That’s not to mention the risk of mail-in ballots being lost or disqualified for a variety of reasons, robbing potentially thousands of Americans of their voices.)

And the more people who vote by mail, the higher the risk.

While Democrats like to claim that cases of voter fraud are negligible, the case of 55-year-old Caesar Peter Abutin proves otherwise. According to the Los Angeles Times, Abutin posed as his mother three separate times, allowing the woman, who died in July 2006, to vote in multiple elections from October 2012 to November 2014.

The Times reported: “Abutin also cast votes using his own identity.”

Fraudulent voting

As the Times noted, we don’t often hear about cases like these because it can be hard to prove who actually cast each vote. In this case, however, all signs apparently pointed back to Abutin.

According to the Times, he faces up to three years in prison for his charges, which include “fraud in connection with votes cast and fraudulent voting.”

He was indicted in July, the Times noted, and “is scheduled to return for a preliminary hearing on Oct. 28.”

It all makes clear that the warnings from President Trump aren’t as unfounded as leftists like to claim. In a national election, with millions voting, how can we be sure each and every vote comes from a legitimate source if those casting their ballots don’t even need to do so in person?

The president himself said it best:

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