California man arrested for threatening to murder FCC Chairman’s family

What do Democrats do when they don’t get their way? They assault people, or at least try to.

Markara Man is suspected of threatening the life of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai over rolling back Obama-era Internet policies.

The Email Trail

The trail left behind by Man is either hubris or pure idiocy.

Late last year, the FCC decided to roll back Internet rules put in place by the Obama administration.

Days later, Man sent a series of emails to Pai.

The first email blamed Pai for a child that “committed suicide” due to the repeal of the Internet neutrality regulations.

The second email sent actually made the threat to kill members of Pai’s family.

The third email was only a picture of Pai with his family.

In no time at all, the FBI was able to trace the emails back to Man.

Didn’t Mean It

As usually happens when Democrats get caught, Man said he really didn’t mean he was going to kill Pai.

He claimed he was merely “angry” over the regulation rollbacks.

He also stated he just wanted to “scare” Pai.

The FBI was not buying Man’s story, however, and charged him.

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Man is now facing charges for making threats against a United States official and his family.

If convicted, Man can be sentenced up to 10 years in jail.

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