California Gov. Gavin Newsom, wife accepted large sums from Pacific Gas & Electric: Report

As the entire country is aware, deadly wildfires have torn through the state of California almost every summer for several years now. Many of these fires, past and present, have been blamed on Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), a utility company with nearly statewide reach.

Now, a bombshell report from The Washington Post has announced that PG&E paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions to liberal California Gov. Gavin Newsom and his wife, according to Breitbart.

No more federal aid

When Donald Trump told the governor of California he would not be getting any more federal aid until forest management practices in the state improved, there was a collective gasp in the liberal world. President Trump stipulated that he was holding back the aid until state officials could get control over this crisis.

The crisis to which Trump referred was the constant threat of wildfires throughout the state and blatant misuse of funds in years past.

The most horrifying example of this was the devastating Camp Fire, which blew through Paradise, California last year, destroying almost 20,000 buildings, causing billions of dollars in property damages, and killing 85 people in one day, according to The Sacramento Bee.

After an extended investigation, officials determined that PG&E’s poorly maintained power lines were responsible for the blaze.

So much money

This year, PG&E attempted to combat the fire danger with rolling blackouts that affected large swaths of the state during high wind events, infuriating countless customers. Now, it’s been discovered that instead of updating a grid that’s been neglected for decades, PG&E is spending money to ensure that Gavin Newsom stays in office.

Although Newsom made a show of threatening a state takeover of the utility company, the report shows that over the last two decades, the utility has spent more than $227,000 on the notoriously liberal Newsom’s campaigns.

Additionally, the utility donated $358,000 to The Representation Project. This “project” was founded by Newsom’s wife, Jennifer, and its focus is to promote social change toward the attitudes surrounding gender representation in media. It was also revealed that members of PG&E sat on the board of Mrs. Newsom’s project.

Newsom maintained that he stopped taking donations from PG&E after being elected as the state’s governor in 2018, but the company continued to funnel money to The Representation Project.

Director of the Energy and Policy Institute, David Pomerantz, shredded the company, saying “every dollar that PG&E spends on a campaign contribution right now is one they should be spending to hasten the transition to a safer, more distributed electrical grid.”

The fact of the matter is that as the governor, Newsom is in a position to hold the utility responsible for the mismanagement of their powerlines. That, however, will never happen, because Newsom is apparently bought and paid for.

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