New York City cab driver found dead by suicide

A new syndrome is starting to sweep through the city of New York.

For the sixth time this year, a New York City taxi cab driver has been found dead of apparent suicide.

Difficult Time

While the presence of ride share services like Uber have made our lives much easier, they are taking a toll on traditional cab drivers.

With better pricing and service, ride shares are putting a serious hurting on the cab industry.

Like many of his fellow drivers, Abdul Saleh, 59, found himself in an economic crunch in recent months.

More often than not, Saleh was unable to meet even his lease cost for the day.

As challenging as that was with a partner, it became more challenging when his driving partner started working for Uber.

Over the last week, he was reportedly several hundred short on the cost of his lease payment, which may have been his breaking point.

Saleh was eventually found dead in his apartment, from apparently hanging himself.

More Dead Cabbies

Saleh is not alone in having problems finding rides.

The New York Post reported five other drivers have killed themselves in recent months.

“These drivers can no longer see retirement in sight and can’t imagine continuing to work such a grueling job until their last day on earth,” New York Taxi Workers Alliance Director Bhairavi Desai said of the situation.

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The Problem

With apps like Uber and Lyft making traveler’s lives easier by giving a definitive time of arrival, fare cost, and driver information before every ride, cabs are dwindling in popularity.

The cab industry has failed to adapt, and unless the industry answers this brutal wakeup call, it may dissolve altogether.

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