‘She loves the spotlight’: GOP Rep. Byrne says Pelosi sees herself, not Biden, as Democratic leader

While last week’s Democratic National Convention ostensibly affirmed presidential nominee Joe Biden as the formal leader of the party, at least one high-ranking Democrat is increasingly seen as unwilling to be replaced.

As Breitbart reported, U.S. Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL) believes House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is intent on holding on to the power she holds as her party seeks to maintain control of the House after November’s election.

“Lots of love from the national news media”

The Republican lawmaker’s frank assessment of the Democratic Party’s perceived power struggle came during a radio interview on Monday.

“She sees herself as the leader of the Democratic Party right now, not Joe Biden,” Byrne said of Pelosi, according to Breitbart.

He suggested that the speaker’s own political ambitions are preventing her from handing the reins of the party over to its presidential nominee.

“She loves the spotlight,” Byrne said, as Breitbart reported. “She gets lots of love from the national news media. She’ll continue to do this between now and Election Day.”

Harkening back to the State of the Union address in February, he noted Pelosi’s very visible act of shredding her copy of President Donald Trump’s speech.

“That’s the Speaker of the House,” the congressman added. “She’s not about trying to help the American people. She’s about aggrandizing more power to herself, and only herself, and about making sure she stays in that spotlight. She’s done a pretty good job of that.”

“Making sure she stays in the spotlight”

In response to host Jeff Poor’s remark that Pelosi has been a more public figure than Biden, Byrne said he agreed and explained that he believes that makes both candidates easier for Republicans to beat in November.

“She’s pretty easy to run against,” he said, according to Breitbart. “And she’s so out there, as you said, and Joe Biden’s campaign is, ‘Just keep him undercover. We don’t want people to hear him talk too much or see him too much. We just want to say we’re not Trump and you’re not happy with Trump — so just vote against Trump and vote for this guy, and we’ll let you know what he’s going to be like after he takes the oath of office.'”

Byrne went on to predict that a Biden administration would mirror the positions of the Democratic Party’s far-left faction, echoing similar concerns voiced by Trump and top Republican officials.

With just over two months left until Election Day, it remains to be seen whether Pelosi and Biden will be able to reach an agreement about which will take the helm of a party that continues to lurch toward socialism.

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