BUSTED: Delaware State University says Biden was never a student there

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden just got busted.

During a town hall event last October, Biden claimed he “got started” at Delaware State University, a historically black university. That claim has now been fact-checked by a school official, and Biden has failed, reports the Washington Times.

The comment

During the town hall, which was being held right before the South Carolina primary, Biden stated, “I got started out of a HBCU, Delaware State.

“Now, I don’t want to hear anything negative about Delaware State,” he said. “They’re my folks.”

For those of you that don’t know, Delaware State University (DSU) is an HBCU — historically black colleges and universities.

So, Biden’s claim got people wondering exactly when he attended DSU. The claim was questioned by conservative media at the time, but had not been officially refuted by the school until now.

Claim debunked

Carlos Holmes, DSU’s Director of News Service, told the Times, “Vice President Biden did not attend DSU.”

Holmes said that Biden spoke at the school in 2003 and again in 2016, and received an honorary degree from the school — none of which qualify as Biden starting his education at DSU.

Even though it appeared that Holmes was trying to give Biden’s staff a script for the usual “what Joe meant to say” excuse, it is unlikely anyone is going to buy it.

It is yet another lie that Biden has told to pander to the Black community that will never get attention from the mainstream media.

Ask yourself this… if Donald Trump had claimed to have gone to an HBCU and it was found to be false, how much outrage do you think there would be right now?

Instead, all we get are crickets.

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