George Bush Sr.’s former cardiologist assassinated by ride-by-shooting

A bizarre bicycle-to-bicycle drive-by shooting has ties back to former President George H.W. Bush.

Dr. Mark Hausknecht, a cardiologist that previously worked on the President, was killed in Houston while riding his bike.

Friday Morning Shooting

Early Friday morning, Dr. Hausknecht was riding on South Main Street in Houston.

A cyclist riding in the opposite direction passed the Doctor, then opened fire on him.

The shooter escaped the scene on his bicycle.

The incident is still under investigation by police, as they are unsure at this time if it is random or a targeted shooting.

Presidential Comments

Former President Bush was obviously shaken by the incident.

Not long after word circulated, the President expressed his condolences to the family and gratitude for the services rendered by the Doctor…

Distinguished Career

Dr. Hausknecht spent virtually his entire career in the Houston area.

He was educated locally at Baylor, then completed his residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Currently, he was a staff member at both Houston Methodist and DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center.

Hausknecht was considered one of the top doctors in the cardiovascular disease field.

According to reports, the shooter has not yet been apprehended.

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He is described as approximately 30 years of age, White or Hispanic, and wearing a tan baseball cap, gray warmup jacket, and khaki shorts.

He was last seen riding away from the scene on a light-colored mountain bike.

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