Report: Former President Bush will not endorse Trump for re-election

The Bush family has never been a friend to President Donald Trump — and after a recent statement regarding the upcoming presidential election, the Trumps and Bushes now appear to be the modern-day Hatfields and McCoys.

According to the Washington Examinersources close to Bush told The New York Times that former President George W. Bush will not be supporting Trump’s bid for re-election this fall.

“Tragic failures”

Trump did not enjoy the support of the Bush family during the 2016 election, but there was some hope that after one term, he could persuade those who originally dissented to get on board.

The death of George Floyd and Trump’s “law and order” response to protests, however, seem to be the proverbial straws that broke the camel’s back in terms of landing the support of former President Bush and co.

The Bush family, including the 43rd president, has been very vocal about systemic racism, saying that it is “time for America to examine our tragic failures,” as the Examiner reported.

As such, Bush will reportedly only be discussing policy issues as we move forward, rather than specifically endorsing a candidate.

Dissent in the GOP?

But while former President Bush will not be openly putting his finger on the scale, some of his former staffers are going to do exactly that.

Newsweek reports that a group of former Bush officials has formed a Super PAC to raise money in support of Joe Biden. The new PAC is called “43 Alumni for Biden.”

The paperwork was filed last Monday, and former Bush Treasury Department official Karen Kirksey is listed as the treasurer for the group.

How much this will hurt Trump, though, remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Republican Sen. Mitt Romney (UT) has also stated that he will not support Trump, although that’s not exactly a surprise, considering that he voted to impeach Trump earlier this year.

Even so, the GOP will not be able to get Trump re-elected if there is a significant fracture within the party. If Republicans want to win in November, it’s time to embrace calls for unity. There’s simply too much at stake to hand the White House over to “Joe 30330.”

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