President Trump touts new GOP theme: ‘Build a wall and crime will fall!’

President Donald Trump is unarguably a master when it comes to branding. Indeed, he seems to have an innate ability to make every slogan he comes up with stick like glue in the minds of his supporters — and he put those marketing skills to work earlier this week when he announced a “new theme” for the Republican Party for the next to years.

Further solidifying his stance on the ongoing partial government shutdown, the president unveiled the new slogan on Twitter on Wednesday: “BUILD A WALL & CRIME WILL FALL!”

Use it and pray!

It didn’t take long for haters to start pushing back on Trump’s new announcement.

Media “fact-checkers” immediately set about to debunk Trump’s allegation that the wall is currently “under construction,” arguing that Congress has yet to approve any funding explicitly earmarked for new construction of border barriers over the last two years.

However, those fact-checkers glossed over the fact that Trump has received funding to renovate existing border fencing.

In some instances, that meant the fencing had to be fully “renovated” to the new reinforced steel slat barriers that Trump has touted.

Meanwhile, others, like the Huffington Post — which recently laid off its entire opinion department — called Trump’s slogan “childish” and suggested anti-Trump alternatives.

Shutdown showdown

But criticism from HuffPo and other leftist media outlets isn’t doing anything to help matters in Washington.

The ongoing partial government shutdown over funding for Trump’s wall has now lasted more than 30 days, and approximately 800,000 federal workers are about to miss their second paycheck in a row.

Sadly, though Trump has offered to negotiate with Democrats numerous times to end the shutdown — including by moderating his positions and offering up immigration-related sweeteners to coax cooperation from his rivals — Democrat leaders in Congress have refused to budge.

Two bills that would have reopened government even failed in the Senate on Thursday, making it clear just how divisive this shutdown has been.

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It remains to be seen if Trump and Republicans will ultimately win this shutdown showdown and obtain the requested funding for border wall construction, but this new slogan could very well provide them the motivation they need to stand strong. Just remember…

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