Brenda Snipes working on borrowed time as box of blank ballots found in rental car

Broward County elections supervisor Brenda Snipes could soon be out of a job over the laundry list of voting irregularities in her county.

Snipes has come under fire in recent days from Republicans who fear that she is overlooking an election heist in the Sunshine State. Snipes is also losing the support of Democrats over her ineptitude and history of breaking election law, Politico’s Marc Caputo reported.

This comes as a box of blank provisional ballots was found in a rental car at Fort Lauderdale airport.

Brenda Snipes may get fired

The governor of Florida — either current office holder Rick Scott, or Republican Ron De Santis, his likely successor — could suspend her for incompetence, Politico wrote. Both men have had their races up-ended by Snipes’ handling of the vote count, which can only be described as incompetent at best and malicious at worst. Once she’s suspended, incoming state Senate president Bill Galvano could get the ball rolling on removal proceedings.

“What she’s demonstrated over the years is a series of mistakes that rise above the level of negligence and into incompetence,” Galvano said. “We can’t continue to keep ignoring this and every option should be on the table.”

Calls to fire Snipes have grown over the last week as a steady trickle of late votes in Broward County have gradually wiped out the Republican candidates’ leads in the Senate and governor’s races, sparking an intense recount battle. Republicans began to worry that Democrats were trying to steal elections as their candidates’ leads vanished while videos surfaced of ballots allegedly being transported in private vehicles.

Republicans have been alarmed at the news that Snipes’ office “found” ballots laying about in boxes in offices, schools, and cars in the days after the election. A box of blank provisional ballots was found as recently as Sunday in a rental car at Fort Lauderdale airport.

History of mess-ups

A judge sided with Scott after he filed a lawsuit against Snipes on Thursday claiming that she was withholding vote records, and Snipes was found to be in violation of the state constitution and public records law. Scott sued Snipes again on Sunday with a civil motion seeking to “impound” and secure all voting machines until the recount is done, but the request was denied.

Irregularities have continued to pile up as Snipes’ office admitted to mixing up more than a dozen rejected ballots with about 200 valid ones. She has missed deadline after deadline, including a Saturday deadline to finish an unofficial tally and a deadline before election night to post early and absentee ballots. Her county started the recount late on Sunday, and is not likely to meet a Thursday deadline to finish the recount, given the way things are going.

This pattern of behavior follows a history of election mismanagement. A judge in May determined that Snipes violated election law when she destroyed contested ballots in an August 2016 primary too soon after the race. She was also previously found in violation of election law for “accidentally” posting the primary election results before polls closed.

In August, Snipes was ordered to change the way she handles absentee ballots after Republicans accused her of opening them in private. Snipes has also acknowledged allowing felons and non-citizens to vote in the past.

Republicans, some Democrats welcome firing

Republicans from Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) to former Florida governor Jeb Bush have called for Snipes to go.

“This is not just the most troubled elections office in the state, it’s the most troubled elections office in the nation,” Rubio said. He added, “She’s been found to have destroyed ballots, in violation of the law. Opened absentee ballots early, in violation of the law. Misprinted ballots that have gone out.”

But Republicans are not the only ones losing patience, Politico said. Democrats are eager to see her go too.

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“If what is being reported is true, the Senate is going to have to take some drastic action,” said state Democratic Sen. Kevin Rader.

After this disaster, Snipes will be lucky to resign with her dignity intact.

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