Florida’s Broward County had to halt its recount effort after the wrong ballots were found

Just when you thought things could not get worse in Florida…

It now appears as though Broward County election officials — including supervisor Brenda Snipes, who recently submitted her resignation letter — have been recounting the wrong ballots.

What a Mess

The election in Florida has been botched from the very start.

When voting ended, Snipes gave an estimate as to how many votes were left to be counted.

At the time, it appeared as though both Gov. Rick Scott, who was running as a Republican for incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson’s Senate seat, and Ron DeSantis, who was running for the state’s governor’s mansion, were going to win.

Within 48 hours, almost another 100,000 votes had been found.

Once those votes were counted, a mandatory recount was put into effect due to the closeness of both races.

And on Saturday, with a Sunday deadline for the recount fast approaching, Broward County officials revealed they were actually counting the wrong ballots.

Scott and DeSantis Win After All

As the recount played out, both Democrats in those respective races conceded.

On Sunday, it became official that both Scott and DeSantis would take their respective seats once the calendar flips.

That will not be the end of this drama, though.

Snipes OUT

With the election debacle garnering national attention, Brenda Snipes was a regular feature on the nightly news.

This not being her first gaffe during an election, there were more than a few calls for her resignation.

With so much focus and pressure on her, Snipes has finally succumbed.

Snipes told Senator-elect and Gov. Rick Scott: “Although I have enjoyed this work tremendously over these many election cycles, both large and small, I am ready to pass the torch.”

Her resignation will become effective on January 4, 2019.

It was a long time coming, as she should have been replaced several times.

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Snipes has botched at least two other elections and has even admitted a lack of control when it came to undocumented immigrants voting.

Farewell Ms. Snipes, and good riddance.

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