Brother arrested after bodies of his sister and her boyfriend were found stuffed in trash bags

Some people are just sick.

In Michigan, Robert Marzejka Jr. was arrested on murder charges after police found the bodies of his sister and her boyfriend stuffed inside trash bags in a backyard shed.

Startling Discovery

When Danielle Marzejka went suddenly missing last week, her father grew concerned and notified police.

Another day passed without a word.

Then, another brother noticed an awful odor coming from the shed in the backyard.

When he went to investigate, he found some black heavy-duty trash bags.

He cut one of the bags open only to find a human arm.

The police were immediately called.

Upon further investigation, police found the body of both Danielle and her boyfriend, Seren Bryan, in the trash bags.

Danielle was just 18-years-old. Her boyfriend, Seren Bryan, was 19-years-old.

Deadly Brother

After the discovery, police issued a warrant for Robert Marzejka Jr.’s arrest.

He remained on the loose for three days, but authorities finally caught up with him in Cincinnati on Wednesday.

According to reports, he was holed up a local library.

Robert is reportedly still in custody in Ohio awaiting extradition.

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When he returns to Michigan, he will be facing two counts of 1st-degree murder.

Police are still investigating Robert’s motive for killing the couple and have not released an official cause of death.

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