Leftist commentator Michael Brooks dead at 36

The socialist left is mourning the sudden death of a beloved media figure.

On Monday, it was announced via Twitter that Michael Brooks, a popular leftist commentator and podcast host, died from a “sudden medical condition.”

Leftist commentator dies suddenly

The Twitter account for his podcast, “The Michael Brooks Show,” shared the news in a statement on Monday, with the caption, “Rest in power.”

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce the unexpected passing of Michael Brooks: a son, brother, friend and true comrade to so many, due to a sudden medical condition,” the statement read.

“Michael believed in bringing people together in the struggle for love and justice, fighting for all poor and working people, a struggle that he understood to be global,” it continued. “He knew the only way we could do this was by bringing people together & made his life’s work bringing people from different backgrounds and countries together. We hope you join us in honoring him by continuing that work.”

Brooks, 36, had a massive following among Democratic socialists. He was a bit different from some of the other popular figures on the left in that he usually presented his position with a bit of humor attached. This is what made him rise so quickly as a beloved political figure on the far left.

Rising star

The outpouring of tributes he has received on social media made it quite apparent that the left feels as though they have lost a true soldier for their cause.

Brooks had only been on the scene for less than a decade. He started in comedy in 2011, but quickly made the transition into politics. By 2012, his name was getting a lot of attention.

In addition to several other gigs, Brooks was working for “The Majority Report with Sam Seder” in 2012. When Seder was fired for a 2009 tweet that surfaced years later, Brooks was one of the more outspoken voices that were very critical of the decision by MSNBC.

By 2016, his star had taken off and by 2017, he was doing his own show, “The Michael Brooks Show,” as well as contributing to left-leaning mainstream media outlets such as The Washington Post and HuffPost.

“[The Michael Brooks Show] was a radicalizing force for huge numbers of mostly young people who were rightly contemptuous of the political establishment but only beginning to discover alternatives,” wrote Bhaskar Sunkara in the left-wing magazine Jacobin. “In this way, Michael, much more so than Jacobin, reached out to an audience that did not come from the traditional left – but who soon discovered they believed in its values.”

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