Brits’ National Health Service Warns Transgenderism is ‘a Phase’

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In what has left many linked to the social agenda of encouraging transgender treatments and surgeries for children stunned, Britain’s National Health Service has warned doctors should not encourage children to change their names and pronouns.

That agenda long has been the accepted standard in the U.K., where the Tavistock clinic has recommended that many children go through various chemical and surgical modifications to their bodies.

That facility, however, is being shut down because of its penchant for pushing children into controversial and life-altering treatments, and now a report in the Telegraph confirms that the NHS is warning doctors against encouraging children to do even social transitions.

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“NHS England has announced plans for tightening controls on the treatment of under 18s questioning their gender, including a ban on prescribing puberty blockers outside of strict clinical trials,” the report said.

It noted that a medical committee’s report “has advised that even social transitioning, such as changing a young person’s name and pronouns or the way that they dress, is not a ‘neutral act’ that could have ‘significant effects in terms of ‘psychological functioning.'”

“I didn’t say it, Britain’s National Health Service did,” wrote commentator John Hinderaker at Powerline.

He noted, “The NHS notes a 40-fold increase in the use of ‘gender identity services’ over the last decade. The service announces a different approach to treating young people, noting ‘evidence that in most cases gender incongruence does not persist into adolescence and pointing out that ‘doctors should be mindful this might be a ‘transient phase”.”

The Telegraph explained, “Parent groups and professionals have long raised concerns that NHS medics have taken an ‘affirmative’ approach to treat children, including using their preferred names and pronouns. … Instead of encouraging transition, medics should take a watchful approach to see how a young person’s conditions develop, the plans state.”

Also to be considered now, the report said, is what a child may suffer if he or she decides to return “to the original gender role” if the “gender incongruence does not persist.”

The Telegraph noted that there were 250 kids referred in 2011-2012 to the gender identity treatment facility, but there were more than 5,000 last year.

NHL said summer Tavistock was closing and two regional centers at children’s hospitals were being set up.

The treatments now will include experts on pediatric medicine, autism, neuro disability, and mental health.

At the Powerline blog, Hinderaker pointed out, “Meanwhile, here in the U.S. the carving up of children proceeds apace. This is reminiscent of the abortion issue, where supposedly more permissive European countries have, in fact, more reasonable abortion laws than the radically permissive ones that have been enacted in many blue states.”

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