British jihadist dubbed “Osama Bin Bieber” executed by ISIS for suspected spying

Though the so-called “caliphate” of the Islamic State terrorist organization has essentially been destroyed under the leadership of President Donald Trump, that is not to say that there aren’t still plenty of jihadist cockroaches scurrying around in search of both places to hide and ways to continue their eternal fight against the infidels.

However, there is at least one less jihadist for U.S.-backed forces to squash in the clean up operations, as a young British man dubbed “Osama Bin Bieber” was just executed by his own fellow Islamist zealots after being accused of spying for Western intelligence.

“Osama Bin Bieber”

Al Arabiya reported in 2014 that then-18-year-old Mohammed Ismail had joined the Islamic State group in Syria after becoming radicalized by an Imam in his United Kingdom hometown of Coventry.

The teen, who had been given the nickname “Osama Bin Bieber” due to his youthful appearance that vaguely resembled the Canadian pop star — at least in comparison to his fellow jihadists — was a light-skinned young man of Iraqi-Kurdish heritage.

He reportedly made his way to Syria with three other young jihadist recruits from the U.K. and was featured in social media posts holding weapons and espousing Islamist extremist views.

Executed as a spy

Accoring to The Sun, however, Ismail’s career as a jihadist soldier came to an inglorious end after his loyalty was questioned following a drone strike in the area around the former capitol of the “caliphate,” Raqqa, Syria, which killed a fellow jihadist from the U.K.

“Once the drone strike happened he got captured in Raqqa,” claimed an unnamed source to The U.K.’s Sunday Times. “They did an interrogation with him. He confessed everything. And then they killed him.”

Ismail reportedly admitted to having provided sensitive information to Western intelligence and was summarily executed for spying, all caught on video that has since been released.

“They made a video of him. He said he was sorry, but it shows how he died,” the unnamed source added.

Ismail reportedly apologized and expressed remorse for his actions against the Islamic State, but was executed nonetheless. The Sun noted that his apology and admission of guilt seemed as though they were delivered under duress.

Inevitable ending

This young man may have thought it was cool five years ago to run off to Syria to join a terrorist group that was on the rise and winning victory after victory, with no real opposition standing in the way of the caliphate’s prospects at the time.

But things have certainly changed quite a bit over the interceding years, particularly with new political leadership in place that is more than willing to fight. “Osama Bin Bieber” learned the hard way that waging jihad against the West will inevitably end in death, one way or another.

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