Right-wing British radio host forced out over comments about Black Lives Matter protests: Report

A right-leaning British politician has become the latest casualty of “cancel culture.”

On Thursday, The Hill reported that Nigel Farage, a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump, had suddenly ended his contract for his LBC radio show — apparently due to comments he made about recent Black Lives Matter protests that started in the U.S. and spread around the world.

Farage’s rise and fall

Most Americans had no idea who Nigel Farage was until President Trump ran for office and the “Brexit” movement was dominating our headlines. During that time, Farage was quickly tagged as a far-right instigator by the mainstream media — and that opinion was solidified when he openly voiced his support for Donald Trump.

But even as “extreme” as some view him, Farage’s star has risen significantly over the last few years. Now, much of that may be over, however, due to some recent remarks Farage made about Black Lives Matter.

During a recent Good Morning Britain broadcast, there was a panel discussion regarding the impact the protests over the May death of 46-year-old George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police had on the U.K.

As protests swept the U.S., Britain followed suit, and one such demonstration across the pond resulted in a statue of Edward Colston — a known slave trader from the 1600s — being taken down and thrown into the harbor, The Hill noted. That moment was later compared to Iraqi citizens tearing down a statue of Saddam Hussein, a notion that Farage did not agree with at all.

Farage said the statues should be taken down with a process, not by allowing “mob rule” to have its way. Then, on Sunday, he made matters worse by likening Black Lives Matter to the Taliban, according to The Hill.

“Nigel is stepping down”

While no official reason was given, Farage’s contact with LBC, which was about to expire, was subsequently terminated, as The Hill reported.

The decision was widely applauded by many high-profile British leftists, most of whom said good riddance to Farage.

Whether his comments are right or wrong, it certainly seems the U.K. is experiencing a similar phenomenon as the U.S.: there is only one acceptable opinion these days, and if you dissent, your voice will be swiftly silenced. What a shame.

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