British chef Gary Rhodes dies suddenly from bleeding in the brain

British celebrity chef Gary Rhodes unexpectedly died this week from bleeding in the brain. He was 59 years old.

His passing was confirmed by Rhodes’ family to have occurred on Tuesday.

What happened?

According to reports, Rhodes, who was at home in Dubai after a day of shooting for a new television show that is set to premiere on ITV, suddenly collapsed. He was rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately, doctors were not able to save his life.

The sequence of events was confirmed by his family who released a statement to news outlets.

“In order to end painful speculation surrounding the sudden passing of our beloved Gary Rhodes, the Rhodes family can confirm that after a successful day shooting with Rock Oyster Media for ITV here in Dubai, Gary returned home in a very happy mood for a peaceful evening with his wife Jennie,” they wrote. “After dinner, Gary unfortunately collapsed in their residence and was rushed to hospital but unfortunately passed away due to subdural hematoma.”

According to WebMD, “In a subdural hematoma, blood collects between the layers of tissue that surround the brain. As blood accumulates, pressure on the brain increases. If the pressure inside the skull rises to a very high level, a subdural hematoma can lead to unconsciousness and death.”

“At this time, there are no other details and the family would again request privacy around this very tragic loss and again thank friends and family for their ongoing support at this time,” the family added.

Rhodes underwent surgery for a blood clot in his brain in 1979 after being hit by a van. Doctors told him at the time to be “very careful,” so he gave up playing football.

Rhodes remembered

Rhodes made a name for himself on the British culinary scene when his first two London restaurants earned Michelin stars in the 1990s. Since then, Rhodes has appeared on Hell’s Kitchen, hosted two seasons of Masterchef USA, and launched his own series Rhodes Around Britain.

Viewers will probably remember Rhodes’ spiked-up hair and his tight-fitting clothing. But, as the Michelin stars demonstrate, he was a talented chef with serious ability.

It is thus, no surprise, that famed British chef Gordon Ramsay, who is never quick to dish out praise, offered his own tribute to Rhodes.

“We lost a fantastic chef today in Gary Rhodes,” Ramsay tweeted. “He was a chef who put British Cuisine on the map. Sending all the love and prayers to your wife and kids. You’ll be missed Gx.”

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