Fox’s Brit Hume blasts liberal media: They ‘applaud anything that tilts toward removing Donald Trump’

We can safely say goodbye to the mainstream media — it’s clear that their only goal is to take down President Donald Trump.

Speaking with Tucker Carlson on Tuesday, Fox senior political analyst Brit Hume lamented that the media “tend[s] to applaud anything that tilts toward removing Donald Trump,” Fox News reported. That, he says, is why the media loved Army Lt. Col. Alex Vindman — and his fiery testimony in the Democrats’ ongoing impeachment inquiry — so much.

They want Trump gone

According to Hume, the media wants “Donald Trump gone” — and they aren’t afraid to show it.

“The hosannas that are being flung along with rose petals at all these witnesses stem from the fact that many in media and in the Washington political world want Donald Trump gone and tend to applaud anything that tilts in that direction,” Hume said.

The Fox contributor went on to surmise that there is indeed sufficient evidence to warrant a look into former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter, whose ties to a Ukrainian energy company prompted Trump to ask Ukraine to investigate.

While Hume agreed with the notion that Trump’s requests of Ukraine may have been “inappropriate” and better handled through other official channels, he nevertheless concluded that what Trump did fell far short of being considered an impeachable offense.

“I think that the case for impeachment is pretty weak because, while this was an offense of some kind, it was not worthy of the strongest possible remedy, the most drastic remedy available to Congress,” Hume said. “That’s, I think, the bottom line.”

Where is the skepticism?

But that’s not what the rest of the media seems to think. During his talk with Hume, Carlson played several clips of MSNBC’s finest showering Vindman (and others) with adoration, ignoring what Hume called “inconsistencies in their testimonies.”

“One of the things we — well, at least we should expect from journalists is a kind of permanent state of skepticism in which we don’t become terribly enamored of people, and while we may praise an official or a witness here and there, we’re not in a state of absolute smittenness that you see from those people whose quotations you just played,” Hume told Carlson.

He went on: “You’d think that there’d be a note of skepticism.”

Indeed, both Carlson and Hume were right to point out the over-the-top admiration of anti-Trump witnesses by the predominately liberal media, which go hand-in-hand with the media’s cheerleading over Trump’s ouster.

There is no denying that the bulk of the media openly despises the president and want nothing less than for him to be ousted from office. The days of an objective and skeptical media that provides balanced and dispassionate coverage appear to be long gone.

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