Bristol Palin and ex-husband Dakota Meyer spar on Instagram in new divorce drama

There’s fresh drama between Bristol Palin and her ex-husband, Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. Dakota Meyer.

In a public fight between the two on Instagram, Palin accused him of holding her photos “hostage.” Meyer fired back by posting a screenshot of texts in which Palin had allegedly called him a “coward” and said he didn’t deserve his Medal of Honor, the Daily Mail reported.

Bristol Palin says ex doesn’t deserve Medal of Honor

The recently divorced couple were feuding over Instagram on Thursday about baby photos that Palin says Meyer kept “hostage,” prompting Meyer to respond with screen-shotted texts that supposedly show Palin dissing her now ex-husband to an unknown man that Meyer says Palin never actually met.

“He’s no hero. He didn’t do that s***. He’s a b****,” Palin allegedly wrote. “He tries to act big and bad online but he’s really he’s a coward….I can’t believe I’m having his kid.”

Meyer posted a screenshot of the alleged conversation on Instagram, with the caption, “If you’re ever married to someone who texts this to another man she never met. Divorce her.”

The Afghanistan veteran’s post came after Palin shared pictures of baby photos on Instagram that she said Meyer kept “hostage” and which she was only able to get after legal action. She compared Meyer to the Biblical giant Goliath in the post.

“After nearly a month, and thousands of dollars on attorney fees, I was finally able to get my pictures back from my old house/ex-husband,” Palin wrote. “If you’re facing a Goliath in your life, don’t back down.”

Rocky relationships

Palin and Meyer, who have two kids together, announced they were getting divorced in February and they finally severed ties in August. Friendly Instagram posts after the divorce proceedings led some to think the two were working over their differences, but it looks like those efforts at reconciliation have fizzled out.

Palin became famous when it was revealed that she was pregnant while her mother, former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin, was the late John McCain’s running mate for president in 2008. Bristol Palin broke off an engagement with the father of her first child, Levi Johnston, in 2009 and later met Meyer while filming Amazing America in 2014. They got engaged in 2015, then broke the engagement, then got married in 2016 after Palin gave birth to her second child, Sailor.

It was reported in July that Bristol Palin would join the cast of Teen Mom OG this season. She will appear with her three kids sans Meyer.

Meyer was awarded the Medal of Honor in 2011 by former President Barack Obama for charging into a kill zone in Kunar province, Afghanistan in 2009 to save four of his comrades. He didn’t save them, but he managed to pull their bodies out. He ended up saving another 36 other troops and killed eight Taliban fighters despite suffering a shot to the arms.

If that’s not heroism, then nothing is.

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