Bristol Palin ‘celebrates’ 1-year anniversary of divorce on Instagram

Bristol Palin, daughter of former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, commemorated the one-year anniversary of her divorce from Dakota Meyer in a rather interesting fashion.

While most people would let the date pass without fanfare, Palin decided to make an extensive post on Instagram about her failed marriage while also trying to portray the negative in a positive light…

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you guys, been a YEAR this month since the BIGG DDDDD, and those divorce papers were officially signed 🙈.. sometimes it’s hard to not feel like a complete loser with having another scarlet letter plastered to your forehead.. (add that to getting knocked up at 17 + two baby daddies.. just rackin’ those letters up y’all 🤣🔠) in all seriousness though – no matter what life throws your way, know that there is light at the end of every single tunnel, and the sun will always rise. God has a plan over all of our lives, and hitting rock bottom – like a year ago felt for me – is undoubtably, an opportunity to be rebuilt better than before. the second you stop stressing, or complaining, about what’s thrown at you, and dig into God’s word and promises over us all – is when you can experience real peace and complete clarity on life. I won’t pretend this hasn’t been a humbling process, but dang.. if God can guide ME beside those quite waters, and refresh MY undeserving soul – I know He can guide you there too 🌤

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Scarlett Letter Teen

Bristol Palin has walked a bumpy road since high school.  She got pregnant at the age of 17 and has children by two different fathers already.

Not exactly the past one would expect from a conservative mother in a family that openly professes its faith in God.

However, that is exactly the tack Palin took when she wrote her social media post.

She not only embraces her past, but she is also using it as a tool to inspire her to be better in the future. Besides, she has an armful of beautiful children in her life as a result of her past, so it is not all lost.

Happy Ending

For some people, the only way to improve their life is by hitting rock bottom.

This is exactly what Palin said happened to her.

She has, however, recognized this and used those past mistakes and is using them as a foundation to pick herself up by her bootstraps to build a bright and promising future.

Palin also stated that regardless of what happened to her, it was all God’s plan for her, and who is she to question that.

The young lady truly seems to have found her way in life and we wish her nothing but the best.

She is truly an example of someone turning lemons into lemonade and never looking back.

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