Energy official Sam Brinton, already facing luggage theft charge in Minnesota, now accused of stealing luggage in Nevada

Sam Brinton, heralded by some as the first openly non-binary and genderfluid federal official, was quietly placed on leave last month from his high-ranking position in the Biden administration’s Department of Energy after he was charged with felony theft of another woman’s luggage at an airport in Minnesota.

Now Brinton has been hit with another separate felony theft charge related to alleged stolen luggage at an airport in Nevada, the Daily Wire reported.

An arrest warrant for theft of luggage in Las Vegas

According to local CBS affiliate KLAS, a felony arrest warrant for grand larceny has been issued for Brinton.

He stands accused of stealing another individual’s luggage valued between $1,200 to $5,000 from the Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The outlet did not provide any additional details on the matter, such as when the alleged theft occurred or how police and prosecutors were able to determine that Brinton was the alleged thief.

Charged with stealing luggage in Minneapolis

The Daily Wire noted that this felony arrest warrant from Nevada comes just a few weeks after Minnesota had filed felony theft charges against Brinton, who is currently on leave from his position as deputy assistant secretary of spent fuel and waste disposition at the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy.

He was placed on leave after the Minnesota charges were made public last month, in which Brinton is accused of stealing a woman’s designer luggage and its contents that were valued at more than $2,300 in September.

Brinton, who had arrived at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport from Washington D.C. without any checked luggage was caught on multiple surveillance cameras taking the luggage from the baggage claim area, taking that luggage to the hotel he stayed at, and then taking that luggage back to D.C. with him, as well as on a trip to Europe in October.

When confronted by Minneapolis police about the alleged theft, he initially denied stealing anything but later changed his story and acknowledged that the bag he took from the airport did not belong to him.

Energy Dept. says it takes criminal charges “very seriously”

Insider reported that an attorney for Brinton did not respond to requests for comment about the new arrest warrant, but the Department of Energy did, to an extent.

A DOE spokesperson told the outlet that the department “takes criminal charges against DOE employees and clearance holders very seriously” and confirmed that “Sam Brinton, a career civil servant, is on administrative leave.”

“The Department is limited by law on what it can disclose on personnel matters, such as an employee’s clearance status,” the statement added. “Generally, as the Department has previously stated, if a DOE clearance holder is charged with a crime, the case would be immediately considered by DOE personnel security officials, and depending on the circumstances, that review could result in suspension or revocation of the clearance.”

House GOP was already calling for Brinton’s resignation over initial theft charge

Insider also reported that news of the new felony arrest warrant out of Nevada followed close on the heels of a letter sent by a group of House Republicans to Energy Sec. Jennifer Granholm to demand that Brinton be fired or forced to resign over the initial felony theft charge out of Minnesota.

That letter stated then, and it remains even more true now, that “It is imperative that we do not allow a person charged with a felony to influence America’s policies.”

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