Breyer resignation sparks rumors that Biden might nominate Harris to Supreme Court

News broke this week that liberal U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer plans to retire at the end of the current term.

The bombshell report sparked speculation about President Joe Biden’s pick to replace him — including one theory involving his vice president.

Background on the rumors

According to the Washington Examiner, some commentators are floating the possibility that Biden might nominate Kamala Harris to the nation’s highest court, which is not an altogether new idea.

Such rumors have been circulating around D.C. for a few months as both Biden and Harris have seen their approval ratings dramatically decline.

In early December, some reports hinted that nominating Harris to the Supreme Court would allow Biden to select a more popular running mate ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Considering the vice president’s poll numbers and lackluster track record, removing her from the ticket might be in the best interest of the president and his party.

Now that the opportunity has presented itself with Breyer’s retirement, the rumor mill has once again begin to grind.

“I like what I’m doing”

Proponents of the theory that Biden might nominate Harris to fill Breyer’s seat point to the president’s promise to select a Black woman if given the opportunity.

While Harris does not have experience as a judge, she has a legal background as a district attorney in San Francisco and attorney general of California. The Biden administration has been doing its best to combat the rumor.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki declared this week: “The president has every intention, as he’s said before, of running for reelection, and for running for reelection with Vice President Harris on the ticket as his partner.”

For her part, Harris insisted in December that she prefers to remain in her current role, explaining: “I’m much more active, I think, in terms of — not that — that Supreme Court justices don’t have huge impact. But right now, I like what I’m doing, the ability to travel around the country, to talk with folks, to push for policy that has impact in more a — in a very direct way.”

Despite the rampant speculation, it seems highly unlikely that Biden would take the dramatic step of nominating his vice president to sit on the Supreme Court. Time will tell.

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