Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer doubles down on opposition to court-packing in new book

An upcoming book from liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is likely to enrage progressive Democrats. Since former President Donald Trump cemented a conservative majority with the appointment of Justice Amy Coney Barrett in the fall of 2020, Democrats have sought to expand the court.

According to Harvard University Press, Breyer’s book, The Authority of the Court and the Peril of Politics, will argue against efforts to further politicize the high court, including expanding the number of justices.

In the synopsis of the book, which is set to be released in September, Breyer’s publisher says, “A sitting justice reflects upon the authority of the Supreme Court — how that authority was gained and how measures to restructure the Court could undermine both the Court and the constitutional system of checks and balances that depends on it.”

Breyer, the senior liberal justice on the Supreme Court, has already infuriated leftists and Democratic politicians by both refusing to retire and now refusing to endorse their schemes to pack the court.

Undermining the court

From the synopsis, it’s clear a significant portion of Breyer’s book will argue against packing the court and promote political independence in the Judiciary.

The Supreme Court has become increasingly politicized in recent years as Democrats and Republicans alike fight for their respective ideologies.

Conservatives are ensured a majority on the Supreme Court for a significant time, which is a huge problem for the left. Without a friendly Supreme Court, they will be unable to flout the Constitution with some of their more radical plans.

The solution that Democrats have openly embraced is expanding the Supreme Court and giving President Joe Biden the chance to put four new Justices on the Court.

Justice Breyer strongly condemned that plan saying, “If the public sees judges as ‘politicians in robes,’ its confidence in the courts, and in the rule of law itself, can only diminish, diminishing the court’s power, including its power to act as a ‘check’ on the other branches,” The Daily Wire reported.

Court not safe with Biden in charge

The Supreme Court’s integrity is at risk as long as Biden and the Democratic Party are in power. While their first attempt to pack the Supreme Court was quickly defeated, they will try it again.

If Democrats succeed, it will destroy the integrity of the Supreme Court, the last institution that Americans have real trust for.

Republicans must fight to regain power and ensure the integrity of the Supreme Court. When the most liberal justice on the Supreme Court says court-packing is a bad idea, Americans know it is a truly horrible idea.

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