Brett McGurk resigns from post as US Envoy for the Global Coalition Against ISIS

The fallout over President Donald Trump’s decision to withdrawal from Syria is beginning to take its toll on the administration.

Brett McGurk, the U.S. Envoy for the Global Coalition Against ISIS, has submitted his immediate resignation to President Trump.

Speed It Up

According to previous reports, McGurk had planned on leaving in several months, anyway.

However, Trump’s announcement of withdrawal from Syria made McGurk feel that he could no longer work for the administration.

McGurk has been adamant the United States needs to maintain a presence in Syria.

He also believes the withdrawal will put a significant strain on relationships with other allies who also have a military presence in the area.

More Backlash

Like McGurk, Defense Secretary James Mattis also reportedly issued his resignation over Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria.

Mattis plans on staying on through the end of the year to give Trump a chance to transition to a new Secretary of Defense, however.

All this is happening while former Chief of Staff John Kelly is also on his way out the door.

This presents a significant turnover at the very top of the Trump administration that has created a wave of concern throughout the party.

But President Trump has reassured everyone that everything is fine in the White House.

He even sent out several tweets to say most of these reports about Syria are “Fake News.”

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Loyal staffers like Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders are also staying on the president’s side — so despite media outrage over the many resignations, there’s no doubt that we have nothing to worry about.

Trump has this handled.

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