‘Count your blessings’: Bret Baier speaks out following car crash that injured his family

Over the weekend, news traveled quickly of a horrific accident involving Fox News’ Bret Baier.

Thankfully, overall, Baier and his family only suffered minor injuries. But he insisted on going on the air as scheduled to give an emotional statement about the incident and how grateful he was to everyone that helped. “Finally tonight, I don’t usually give advice, but I think everyone should count your blessings,” he said. “My family is tonight.”

Watch below:

Scary Moments

While traveling in winter conditions after going skiing in Montana, the Baiers’ vehicle slid on ice and across a busy road, where they were hit by an oncoming pickup truck.

“I drove the family Monday morning to the airport in Bozeman,” Baier explained, “and it was snowing and the roads were icy, and approaching an intersection, just two miles from the airport, I hit a big patch of ice, and I could not stop our SUV.”

One can only imagine the horrors that were passing through Baier’s mind as his SUV was careening out of control.

The man had everything he holds most dear in this world within inches of his reach, and he very well could have lost all of it.

Thankfully, as bad as the accident was, for the most part, everyone escaped.

There was a concussion, some jostled teeth, some sprains, and a few scrapes, but everyone got out with their life.

In part, that was due to a good Samaritan and first responders that arrived within seconds of the accident.

A witness helped Baier and his family out of the car.

The man whose truck collided with Baier’s vehicle was the one to call the first responders, who arrived only moments after the accident.

Count Your Blessings

The day of the accident, Baier tweeted a reminder to count your blessings because you just never know, and he is right.

It really brings things into perspective today about how adamant people are about tearing each other down.

Look no further than those high school kids from Covington.

Everyone was so desperate to take them down simply because they wore MAGA hats.

Now, as it turns out, the man they were accused of taunting was the instigator.

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Even so, many media outlets and so-called journalists are still trying to paint this man as a victim simply because they cannot stand seeing young conservatives, a true rarity in this day and age.

These individuals continue to waste their lives in anger and division and as Bret Baier was quick to point out, it could all be gone in a split second.

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